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De Matting & De Shedding

Nail Clipping

Ears & Eyes Cleaned

Health Check

Hydrobath Spa


Price starts from £21 (depending on the Dog)


I have a fully equipped mobile grooming van, specially equipped to give your pooch the ultimate wash and groom with a luxury spa hydrobath.  The van has a dog guard so your pooch can have a peak outside while being groomed.

  • The hydrobath is heated  with fresh water and natural shampoos, and coat conditioner to keep your pooch's coat clean and relieve skin problems. 

  • A dog hair dryer to dry your pooch's coat and skin, to lift out further dead hair.

  • Nail clipping to keep your pooch's feet in shape, ears and eyes hygienically cleaned.

  • Doggy deodoriser

  • Paw Pedicure 

  • Blueberry Facial Spa

  • Coat trimming and general clipping if required